Jessica Bartlett — Head of People Operations

Jessica is leading the People Operations Division, Human Resources Department of GroundTruth globally, and is responsible for hiring, personnel, human resource development and office services.

She started her career in the Human Resources department and devoted herself to sales and company training for several years. Today Jessica is leading the recruitment, human resources development, personnel system in the People Operations division, who focused on people who are the largest assets of GroundTruth, making use of her past expertise in this environment . I am thinking about strategic and proactive efforts to have passion for transitioning from conventional HR to people operation, influence organization, demonstrate talent, give leaders power, and promote culture.

In the past Jessica experienced IPO, ownership change, leadership change, etc. at Tech Company in the growing season. She focuses on change of organization through change management, focuses on changing employee’s awareness and evolving enterprises. Prior to joining GroundTruth, he was a leader at dataxu and MicroEdge and worked at Intralinks and News America Marketing (A News Corporation Company).

Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from the University of Ohio. He also acquired business administration as a minor major, and was a member of OU Women’s water polo team. Today, she runs on the waterfront of the Hudson River and participates in local races from 5 K to full marathon.